Commit bef2bed1 authored by mzed's avatar mzed
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Adding helloRapidMix to CMake

parent 6be877e6
...@@ -93,13 +93,16 @@ add_library(RAPID-MIX_API SHARED ${RAPIDMIX_FULL_SRC}) ...@@ -93,13 +93,16 @@ add_library(RAPID-MIX_API SHARED ${RAPIDMIX_FULL_SRC})
add_executable(rapidmixTest tests/rapidMixTest.cpp ) add_executable(rapidmixTest tests/rapidMixTest.cpp )
add_executable(helloRapidMix ${PROJECT_SOURCE_DIR}/examples/HelloRapidMix/HelloRapidMix/main.cpp)
if (APPLE) if (APPLE)
find_library(ACCELERATE Accelerate) find_library(ACCELERATE Accelerate)
message(FATAL_ERROR "Accelearate not found") message(FATAL_ERROR "Accelearate not found")
endif() endif()
target_link_libraries(RAPID-MIX_API ${ACCELERATE}) target_link_libraries(RAPID-MIX_API ${ACCELERATE})
target_link_libraries(rapidmixTest RAPID-MIX_API)
target_link_libraries(rapidmixTest RAPID-MIX_API)
endif() endif()
target_link_libraries(rapidmixTest RAPID-MIX_API)
target_link_libraries(helloRapidMix RAPID-MIX_API)
...@@ -9,4 +9,5 @@ mkdir build ...@@ -9,4 +9,5 @@ mkdir build
cd build cd build
cmake .. cmake ..
make make
./rapidmixTest ./rapidmixTest
\ No newline at end of file cp ./helloRapidMix ../examples/HelloRapidMix/helloRapidMix
\ No newline at end of file
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