Commit 4caf649a authored by Sorrel Harriet's avatar Sorrel Harriet

Removing reference to db_name form query

parent 51b31b9d
/* Statement to insert some records in the artist table */
INSERT INTO sharr003_recordstore.artist (id, first_name, last_name)
INSERT INTO artist (id, first_name, last_name)
(NULL, 'Bob', 'Marley'),
(NULL, 'Peter', 'Tosh'),
(NULL, 'Burning', 'Spear'),
(NULL, 'Alton', 'Ellis'),
(NULL, 'Gregory', 'Issacs');
(NULL, 'Gregory', 'Issacs')
(NULL, 'Desmond', 'Dekker');
INSERT INTO sharr003_recordstore.record (id, title, artist_id, genre, year, price)
INSERT INTO record (id, title, artist_id, genre, year, price)
(NULL, 'Catch A Fire', NULL, 'Reggae', 1973, 20.99 ),
(NULL, 'Sunday Coming', NULL, 'Reggae', 1970, 15.99 );
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