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......@@ -63,6 +63,10 @@ This is a more advanced example that uses __sscanf__ to look for patterns in ser
This example is a more complete version of our final communications API. It goes along with the __P5SerialSendReceive__ and __P5OscApp__ examples. With the two of them, it demonstrates a full call/response system where __P5OscApp__ asks (calls) for analogue values and the __AnalogSerialAPI__ on he Arduino responds back with them. Finally, the __P5OscApp__ draws he results of those 6 analogue ports to the screen as a series of colourful rectangles.
## P5OscApp
This example plugs into the __P5SerialSendReceive__ example via OSC and demonstrates call/response. It visualises the analogue inputs of an Arduino running the **AnalogSerialAPI** sketch. For more on what to do with this, look at [Lesson 4 in the MA/MFA Physical Computing class](
## VisualiseOSC
A template to use for receiving OSC messages in Pocessing and trying to visualise them inside an app, using the controlP5 libary.
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