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F0 dev: WIP AudioWorket Integration

Francisco Bernardo requested to merge francisco/maxi-js-emscripten:f0-dev into master


Project file structure

  • Makefile: Added a new emscripten configuration alternative to the emMakefile compilation flags. Mainly it sets an option for outputing WASM or not.

  • Makefile: Added automation to copy EM compilation outcomes to folders that require it (test, 'examples')

  • Root folder has now a python script '' which start a SimpleHTTPServer configured with MIME extensions for WASM. This is required to load the examples

  • Created a 'build' directory: as the outlet of the build process. Outcomes of the emscripten compilation go in there. Other files

  • Created a 'doc' directory: keeps the docs files

  • 'Examples' folder has the old examples and a folder with audio samples. Only the first example is fully functional because of the different names that have been given through time 'MaximJs', 'MaxiLib', etc. This needs resolution and some work as they are a few too many.

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