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Welcome to the lab exercises repo!
Here you'll find all the example code which accompanies weeks 1-10 of **Data, Networks & the Web**. The example code is for a music store app, so you will need to adapt it for whatever app you're developing. Remember to comment the code to show your understanding.
Here you'll find all the example code which accompanies **Data, Networks & the Web**. If you adapt the example code, remember to comment it to show your understanding.
For lab instructions, please refer to the [Lab Exercise Wiki](
## Topic finder
Here's a reminder of the topics covered in each lab session. Please note, topics may be subject to change if a lab has not yet occurred.
### Lab 1: Setting up your development environment (6/7 Oct)
- creating a project repo
- cloning your repo to IGOR and/or locally
- mounting IGOR (if applicable)
### Lab 2: Introduction to relational databases and SQL (13/14 Oct)
- Designing a schema
- Defining a schema in SQL (TABLE CREATE)
- Inserting data (INSERT INTO)
- Basic querying (SELECT)
### Lab 3: SQL sequel! (Advanced querying) (20/21 Oct)
- Sorting (ORDER BY)
- Table joins
- Aggregate functions
- Comparison operators
### Lab 4: Security and integrity! (27/28 Oct)
- Data normalisation
- Backup/restore
### Lab 5: Using PHP to interact with a MySQL database (10/11 Nov)
- mysqli API
- Displaying data
### Lab 6: Basic Application Design (17/18 Nov)
- Code organisation ('separation of concerns')
- Single Point of Entry (SPOE)
- Creating and changing 'views'
- Passing parameters in GET
### Lab 7: Form handling and data manipulation (24/25 Nov)
- POST method
- Basic data sanitization methods
### Lab 8: Implementing transactions & read locking in PHP (1/2 Dec)
- Transaction & read locking examples
### Lab 9: Introduction to MongoDB (non-assessed) (8/9 Dec)
- Document structure
- Creating a collection
- MongoDB CRUD operations
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