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| TOTAL | | 50:00 | | | 100 |
*** New coursework-only assessment
- mid-term: survey design week 6/7 (end of topic 3)
- submit the survey, the motivation, objective, topic, research
questions, domain concepts and operational definitions
- start data collection week 9/10
- final report week 20 (end of topic 10)
Word limit: 3-4,000?
- I'd quite like UoL opinion on this too though. As I understand it
students are expected to spend 50 hours on summative assessment. So
that equates to 15 hours preparing the research statement and
survey, and 35 hours doing analysis and writing the report.
*** COMMENT Module assessment by topic
# FIXME: do this more elegantly!
......@@ -957,6 +957,14 @@ world.
**** TODO Student feedback
"A tour through the visualization zoo" seems weirdly out of place
quote " Here we focus on a few of the more sophisticated and unusual
techniques that deal with complex data sets". It's very dense with
information and covers advanced material before we've covered any
thing at all.
*** Further reading – \citetitle{Chen2017}
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