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......@@ -45,15 +45,24 @@ By the end of this topic, you should be able to:
1. cross-tabulate and group data to combine variables of different
types {{{MO-processing}}}
2. visualise relationships between categorical variables {{{MO-vis}}}
2. visualise relationships between different kinds of variables
- categorical variables
- numerical and categorical variables
- numerical variables {{{MO-vis}}}
3. visualise relationships between numerical and categorical variables
3. analyse and quantify correlations between numerical variables
4. visualise relationship between numerical variables {{{MO-vis}}}
4. apply the three-stage information processing model when analysing
effective visual communication {{{MO-vis}}}
5. analyse and quantify correlations between numerical variables
5. justify visual design decisions in terms of the visual system's
sensitive to relative difference rather than absolute values {{{MO-vis}}}
6. demonstrate an awareness of colour blindness and seek to mitigate
against ambiguity when making design decisions {{{MO-vis}}}
7. select appropriate colourmaps for different kinds of data {{{MO-vis}}}.
** TODO Topic description
** Key concepts
......@@ -66,7 +75,17 @@ This topic includes:
3. correlation and correlation coefficients
4. Anscombe's quartet.
4. the three-stage visual information processing model
5. luminance versus brightness
6. colour blindness
7. opponent colour theory
8. isoluminance
9. colourmaps.
*** Chart types
......@@ -97,7 +116,8 @@ This topic includes:
- bubble plot (correlations)
- 2D histogram (distributions)
- surface plot (distributions)
- Q-Q plot (distributions)
- Q-Q plot (distributions – cover in topic 04 in context of
comparing variables to theoretical distributions)
** Topic reading lists
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