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t03 minor module assessment (formative) clarification

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......@@ -4435,7 +4435,14 @@ guide, one research question will typically map to one to three survey
You should keep you surveys as short as possible. Aim for
approximately ten survey questions.
approximately ten survey questions (in addition to basic demographic
questions). The exact number of questions is not the primary issue –
the important thing is that your survey should collect the data
necessary to answer your two or three specific research questions, and
no more.
The word limit of 1500–2000 words for the final report is the hard
limit on scope.
Your questionnaire should include:
- a clear statement about the topic of the questionnaire
......@@ -4449,7 +4456,7 @@ Your questionnaire should include:
Download a *PDF* copy of your survey to submit as an appendix with the
final report – select the /Export survey as PDF/ option in the survey
settings menu). This will serve as a "hard copy" for assessment
settings menu. This will serve as a "hard copy" for assessment
After you have completed drafting your survey post the URL to the
......@@ -4503,6 +4510,14 @@ Student peer-grading rubric.
Please provide commends where appropriate to justify your assessment
of the survey.
**** Make your survey live
Once you are satisfied with your survey design and implementation
circulate it to your population. You may wish to post the URL to your
survey to the VLE forum to gather data from your peers, but you are
also free to circulate your survey in any way you deem appropriate to
your research topic.
** Topic summary
Completing this topic should prepare you with theoretical knowledge
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