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leaving school

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...@@ -12,30 +12,4 @@ function pause { ...@@ -12,30 +12,4 @@ function pause {
clear clear
echo "Hi" echo "Hi"
pause 1 pause 1
echo "Who are you ?" echo "Nothing to see here ... move along"
pause 2
echo "I see, you have come from my future."
pause 2
echo "Well what do you want to know ?"
pause 2
echo "I see ... a happy memory .. hmmm"
pause 2
echo "Well I'm pretty sad you know"
pause 2
echo "Have a look at memories.txt and you'll see what I mean"
pause 2
echo "But I do like my teacher Tortoise"
pause 1
echo "Why is she called Tortoise ?"
pause 2
echo "Because she Tortoise !"
pause 1
echo "Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !"
pause 2
echo "Yes Tortoise is a happy memory"
pause 2
echo "Use git checkout master to go back to your time"
pause 1
echo "Add Tortoise to the top line of memories.txt and then RUNME"
pause 2
echo "Say hi to my future self !"
\ No newline at end of file
school is a nasty plaice whoop!
embarrassment \ No newline at end of file
I hate maths
I get bullied by the bigger fish
I get bullied by the smaller fish
everyone is very shellfish
\ No newline at end of file
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