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# Rendering a Neural Network to Concrete
Visualised reconstructions generated by my model where used as reference to manipulate a concrete slab.
I went to the factory where they make concrete slabs. The factory makes some in bulk every morning and piles them in a row until they dry within a day. To manipulate or mold the concrete smoothly, I had about 5 minutes after it was taken out of the cast before the block would shatter instead of mend.
The concrete block has a very common shape and use, it is either a perfect block, or it is a bit shattered down or broken. But it is never slightly morphed or bended with smooth curves. The fact that it dries so quickly explained it. The morphed Beton did startle some people who saw it, wondering what it was, or how it came to be. I am excited by this possibility of having a morphed Beton, it certainly does feel uncanny. Without the direction and vision of the GAN I would not have known how to mend the block. It could have easily looked like shattered stone, but the GAN highlighted and emphasized the main features to be manipulated.
# Acknowledgements
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