Commit bfd1a97d authored by Rita-Josy Haddoub's avatar Rita-Josy Haddoub
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adding trained model

parent 9bfeb532
model_checkpoint_path: "model-25300"
all_model_checkpoint_paths: "model-25300"
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"aspect_ratio": 1.0,
"batch_size": 1,
"beta1": 0.5,
"checkpoint": null,
"display_freq": 0,
"flip": true,
"gan_weight": 1.0,
"input_dir": "beton-combined/train",
"l1_weight": 100.0,
"lab_colorization": false,
"lr": 0.0002,
"max_epochs": 100,
"max_steps": null,
"mode": "train",
"ndf": 64,
"ngf": 64,
"output_dir": "beton_train",
"output_filetype": "png",
"progress_freq": 50,
"save_freq": 5000,
"scale_size": 286,
"seed": 81785957,
"separable_conv": false,
"summary_freq": 100,
"trace_freq": 0,
"which_direction": "BtoA"
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