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Initially, I wanted to build my own network model which would compute the whole process of data input into latent sculpture. The output of the model would have been a step further from a reconstructed visualization as .JPG into an .STL file. The .STL file is a 3D render which is recognized by 3D printers. I was beginning to look into point clouds to automate this process through my model. And finally the .STL would have been rendered to concrete through a 3Dprinter.
I did not carry on to explore Tensorflow and configure my own GAN, but rather I trained my own model through pix2pix which has its’ pre-set properties. Using my knowledge of python from previous MachineLearning modules. With adjustment, I remained with my Data Input to physical Output idea. Instead of 3D printing a GAN into concrete, I went to a brick factory and molded a Beton myself following the meticulous designs generated by my model.
# Data
# Rendering a Neural Network to Concrete
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