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# **Citation**
## _Code Tutorials_
[Gene Kogan tutorial guide for pix2pix](
[Memo Aktens webcam-pix2pix-tensorflow](
[Christpher Hesse pix2pix tutorial using Facades dataset](
## _Academic Papers_
['_Learning to See: You Are What You See_’, Akten et al. _2019_](
['Deep meditations', Memo Akten, _2018_](
['_Image-to-Image Translation with Conditional Adversarial Networks_', Isola et al. _2016_](
## _Literature_
Bowker, Geoffrey C., and Susan Leigh Star. _Sorting Things out : Classification and Its Consequences._ MIT Press, 1999.
Beauvoir, Simone de. _Pour Une Morale De L'ambiguïté : Suivi De Pyrrhus Et Cineas._ Gallimard, 1947.
# Acknowledgements
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