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This is the pretrained model for _Béton_, along with its raw image dataset. The model uses deep learning through pix2pix, a conditional generative adversarial network autoencoder.
هذا النموذج طوّر خصيصاً لل"أسمنت" (Béton)، و يتضمن مجموعة بيانات خاصة بهذه المادة المستخدمة في البناء. لقد تم استعمال "التعلّم العميق" (Deep Learning) من خلال تقنية الpix2pix و هي مشفر تلقائي (Autoencoder) قائم على مبدأ الcGAN.
# Overview
A collection of photographs showing found _Béton_ have been stored in a dedicated image dataset. With this dataset, I am exploring ways that _‘Machine Learners’_ refers to humans as much as it does to computers. As a single _‘variable’_ which represents experimentation and fragmentation, _Béton_ can be computationally seen within the ‘Latent Space.’ In this hidden layer of machine learning, input data is broken down and apart, and tries to re-assemble itself by learning possible compositions. While the results are ambiguous, unsupervised learning does help understand, and predict unknown data better.
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