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## Week 04
* transistors (photo, NPN, PNP and MOSFET)
* doping
* diodes
* Inductors
* Inductive Load
* DC Motors
* Stepper Motors
* Low current Load
* Higher current load
* Datasheets for transistors
* Power
* Behavior and how knowledge exists in the mind, world and environment
* Declarative vs procedural knowledge
* Constraints (physical, semantic, cultural, logical)
Videos to Watch:
Useful datasheets:
Kit NPN transistors:
Kit Mosfets:
###Lab assignments
Complete chapters 9-12 in the lab book.
Alternately, you can experiment with making your own transistor experiment using one of the transistors in lab and replace your experiment with any one lab. For example, you could do
1. A experiment
2. lab 10
3. lab 11
4. lab 12
##A word about the midterm!
Midterms are due the 23rd of Feb. You are expected to take what you have learned so far and produce a creative work using a physical interface. It should have at least one form of input and one output at the bare minimum. (For example, an LDR and a speaker would work.)
The idea is not to just build something you already have built but to show an integration of these ideas into your creative thinking. Successful projects can be simple and well executed. Great ideas that have been given good marks before:
* a kettle that only turns on when you sing
* an LDR flute instrument
* a re-purposed hard drive being controlled by a button to make a glass sing by running a latex fake finger over the glass rim
* an altoids tin synthesizer
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