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......@@ -31,7 +31,7 @@ Your overall mark for this course consists of four major components, each of whi
| Number | Type | Description | Due Date | Relative Weight|
| :-------------:|:-------------:| :-----:| :-----:| :-----:| :-----:| :-----:|
1 | Lab work | Online Logs for Lab Tasks | week by week in class | 50% |
2 | Term 1 Major Project | Major Project and Project Logs | Feb 10 in class | 20%
2 | Term 1 Major Project | Major Project and Project Logs | Feb. 9th | 20%
3| Term 2 Major Project (Solo) | Major Project and Project Logs | March 23rd in class | 20%|
4| Vita | Formal Presentation of Project 2 |March 23rd in class | 10%
......@@ -41,42 +41,17 @@ Your overall mark for this course consists of four major components, each of whi
**The Major Projects** must also include your project log and the working final project presentation (or video). Details about the Major Projects are provided as the term progresses.
**Coursework** (Lab Tasks 1-4) consists of lab tasks assigned each week. Your must keep an online log which must be detailed, and must include a video and diagrams. At the end of the 4 labs, you must select and submit one which you want to be marked formally. The lab grade Perla gave you in class will most likely stand unless what you hand in is significantly worse than what you showed in class or outstandingly better. Please don't turn in a lab you did not show in class. At the end of the 4 weeks this mark will be given the weight of 70% of your lab work and your week by week labs and logs will account for the other 30% of your lab work mark.
**Lab Coursework** (Lab Tasks week by week) consists of lab tasks.
**The Viva** is a formal presentation of your Major Project.
**How your Labs will be marked in class and the following will be used as the ranking score:**
5 (1st) - Exceeded what was discussed in class, evidence of external research, and exceeded assignment expectations
####How your labs will be marked
Labs are pass (70) or fail (39) and are marked in class.
4 (2.1) - Very good use of what is taught in the course and possible some small elements beyond it
Please bring proof of your homework, either as the circuit on the board or as video. If we can't establish that you did the assignment you will fail. Take a video of it working at home or in the lab before you move it for back up if you are bringing in into class. It worked at home is a fail.
3 (2.2) - No so polished, may have missed some things but the work was done
2 (3) - Some requirements not fulfilled/not fully complete.
1 - Warrants a pass, but not more.
0 - Didn't do the work or couldn't present it. Fail.
Further criteria contributing to the mark:
Readable, dated, titled, evidence of progressive completion
Underlying physics, principles of microcontrollers, sensors and actuators, code
A clear statement of your aim(s)
Schematics, code and any other hardware design
How the project was actually set-up
Have you taken the work a bit further? Have you done more than what was asked for in the Task for that week? This is a good way to get a high mark.
For the book assignments, they build to one complex circuit by the end of the chapter. We just need to see this final one.
#### How your Major Projects will be marked:
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