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# Week 05 - 30 Credit
## Midterm projects
Due for 30 credit students on the 23rd of Feb in class.
#### Requirements:
The project must have an enclosure which is well designed and not a shoe box or piece of Tupperware. It must also have 1 input source and 1 output source. These are a bare minimum for a passing grade. More advanced, well executed projects with polish will receive better grades. If you have questions about this, ask.
The project is required to be presented in class as a presentation. Slides are optional.
Also, you must submit a gitlab repo of your code, a schematic and a clear file about your project.
The project is marked on the Goldsmiths marking scheme.
## Final projects
Due in class on the 23rd of March.
More coming soon
#### Good resources
Fabrication ideas:
Living Hinges
Laser cutter sample file:
DIY electronics:
A must view resource for tinkering:
Great place to acrylic:
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