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# Serial To OSC Exercises for Arduino, Unity, Processing
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These are lessons on how to send and receive serial data in useful ways from Arduino to Processing, and then route that data via OSC to other programs like Unity. These examples show how to read serial data, create strings and parse them for command and parameter patterns, and use this to build your own serial API.
To use the Unity examples you'll need to download [the OSC example project]( and of course [Unity3D](
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## oscP5SendReceiveUnity
This example demonstrates how to use OSC to communicate between Processing an Unity. It uses the
Unity [OSC example project]( mentioned above and of course [Unity3D](
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Unity [OSC example project]( mentioned above and of course [Unity3D](
A template to use for apps that take serial from Arduino or other microcontrollers and route to OSC to another piece of software (like Unity) via OSC.
[serial call]: ( "Serial Call diagram"
[serial response]: ( "Serial Response diagram"
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