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# Example of OSC and HUZZAH32 and ESP32 Boards

## Installation

* Make sure [OSC]( is installed for Arduino. Download the ZIP archive, then go to Sketch->Include Library->Add .ZIP File 
* Make sure your ESP32 boards are installed via the instructions
    * Overview:
    * Specific [steps for Boards Manager](
* Get your wifi access point name and password handy. You'll need to put then in the top of the Arduino sketch
* For the test client, make sure Processing is installed and install the **p5osc** library (from the manager)

Then, just plug your HUZZAH32 in and run the Processing sketch! When you click the mouse in the black P5 sketch window, the built-in red light on the board should light up. When you type any key, it should turn off. Check the Arduino serial monitor for some output.