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This application we have created allows users to monitor the food intake. Users will have 2 database include users and ingridients. The users database will manage all usets who are bale to update the application. Weheras, the ingridinets database will be used to CRUD data. ALl front on development can be found in the views folder, middleware/backend data can be found in routes/main.js. I have also submitted a copy of the main.js for the convients of the users.
1.Readme file submitted?, 2. Is the URL of the app submitted and working? 3. Is the URL of gitlab repo submitted and working? 4. Is it a Node.js app? (requirement 1) other programming languages are not acceptable. -Complete
2.Requirement 2 Home page-Complete:(/views/index.html):File can be found in views/index.html. This contains all the HTML content of the main page including navigations to other pages. All navigations can be found in the main.js.
3.Requirement 3 Register page-Complete:(/views/register.html):This contains the HTML content of the register page. When a users registers, the registered information after the validation checks is then stored in the listuserdb
-Email also has isEmail() validation. Lastly, if register form "isEmpty()", we will loop back to the form itself until the criterias are met.
4.Requirement 4 Login, test with the username you registered in requirement 3-Complete:(/views/login.html):This contains the login HTML content. When the form is filled, it checks the main.js and sees if we have a user called user1.
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16.Requirement 17 link all pages to home page-Complete:All pages are linked by having navigation
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