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re-added log file that was delted in merge request

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***** UPDATES *****
• Tree object has been completed
• Merge request from lightPaintingEffects branch to master branch
• Added tree (world object) inside the environment for testing purposes
• Found that the maximum amount of trees that can be added is 4; any more will effect the performance of the program
TO DO (01.02.16)
• Dat needs to map camera to the terrain
• Kevin still needs to add leaves to the tree objects
• We may have to branch out to an alternative method of drawing the trees if any other performance issue pops up
• Kevin will start looking into creating the next world object - the actual transformation into a light painting effect
• Replaced ofxFirstPersonCamera with ofxFPSCamera
• Added world gravity
• Added shapes
• Adjusted ofxFPSCamera landscape/cylinder wireframes
• Successfully converted the Processing code onto XCode (both Dat & Kevin worked on this)
• I have created a tree which looks similar to a real tree
• Added some elements of 3D features to the tree - however there are limitations which need to be resolved
TO-DO (25.01.16):
• Work on the 3D features of the tree object
• Look into fusing ofMesh with your tree object
• Created new branch: lightPaintingEffects
• Did some research on fractals through the ‘Nature of Code’ online guide
• Pushed the research work - all it is, is just a follow through of the tutorial online on Processing
• Created project on GitLab
• Added README file
• Added logFile file
• Initial/first commit
TO-DO (20.01.16):
• Convert the Processing file onto XCode
• Experiment with the design of the fractal tree
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