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* ofxFPSCamera.h
* by Ivaylo Getov, 2014
* Derived from ofxGameCamera, created by James George and FlightPhase
#pragma once
#include "ofMain.h"
#include "ofxXmlSettings.h"
class ofxFPSCamera : public ofCamera {
void setup();
void update(ofEventArgs& args);
void keyPressed(ofKeyEventArgs& args);
void keyReleased(ofKeyEventArgs& args);
//tweak controls
float sensitivityX;
float sensitivityY;
float speed;
//enable, disable
bool usemouse;
bool useArrowKeys;
bool applyTranslation;
//saving loading
bool autosavePosition;
void saveCameraPosition();
void loadCameraPosition();
//adjusting through code manually
void movedManually(); //call this whenever you update orientation or position manually
void reset(); //sets the camera back to zero
void reset(float h);
void reset(float x, float y, float z);
void reset(float x, float y, float z, float h);
void reset(ofVec3f v);
void reset(ofVec3f v, float h);
void target(ofVec3f v);
ofVec3f getTarget();
void enableMove();
void disableMove();
void enableStrafe();
void disableStrafe();
void setCamHeight(float ch);
float camHeight;
void setMinMaxY(float angleDown, float angleUp);
float totUpDown;
float upAngle;
float downAngle;
bool keepTurning;
float accel;
float speedMod;
bool easeIn;
void clip(ofVec3f newPos);
bool isClipped;
ofVec3f clipPos;
bool eventsRegistered;
bool strafe;
ofVec3f currentUp;
ofVec3f currLookTarget;
ofQuaternion lastRot;
ofVec3f lastPos;
void updateRotation();
ofVec2f lastMouse;
bool justResetAngles;
bool unsavedChanges;
string cameraPositionFile;
bool movKey;
bool forw;
bool back;
bool left;
bool rigt;
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