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***** UPDATES *****
• Added landing page
TO DO (20.04.16)
• Clean up code
• Write comments
• Added better control of different light spheres to GUI
• Added new space bar functionality so that the light spheres now go to player position when activated
• Added box world objects
TO DO (19.04.16)
• Add landing page
• Clean up code
• Write comments
• Added light sources at each light sphere object and fixed some issues we encountered during this process
• Added updated version of standard line size code
• Made some changes to UI
• Small enhancements:
- added erase feature for standard line so that it only erases last added element rather than all the elements
- minor improvement to standard brush - we added a brush size
• Fixed the problems with the bubble brush and light cluster brush
TO DO (13.04.16)
• Still need to make improvements on UI
• Still need to create a light source at each light sphere object
• Added one more stroke which is a ‘sphere’ brush effect
• There is now an edit mode and a draw mode in the program
• ofxGui was used to create user interaction - users can now change colour of objects through lighting
TO DO (12.04.16)
• There’s still need to be improvements on user interaction
• There needs to be some slight adjustments to some of the strokes
• Create a light source at each individual light sphere so that the user can interact with it
• Created new stroke which represents the visual effect of light painting better
• There are now two different strokes at the moment: standard and light cluster
TO DO (10.04.16)
• Add user interaction
• If we can, make the mouse stay in the middle of the screen so that all drawings happen there
• Completed drawing at world location
TO DO (05.04.16)
• Need to make the drawing reflect light painting/graffiti
• Need to make the drawing look more like light painting/graffiti
• Create objects to enhance lighting effects in 3D world
• Completed mouse picking through ofxBullet addon
......@@ -13,6 +75,7 @@ TO DO (07.03.16)
• Create mouse picking from scratch, without addon help
• Aim to complete a very basic, but functioning application to show next week which showcases our project idea
TO DO (22.02.16)
• Look into ray casting and placing 3D models in the digital space
......@@ -20,6 +83,7 @@ TO DO (22.02.16)
• Added an example of rotating cylinder. Create it by pressing ‘e’
......@@ -27,6 +91,7 @@ TO DO (19.02.16)
• Figure out how to apply these rotations and translation properly and then use it to
convert tree from lines to shapes.
• Tree object has been completed
• Merge request from lightPaintingEffects branch to master branch
......@@ -42,12 +107,14 @@ TO DO (01.02.16)
• We may have to branch out to an alternative method of drawing the trees if any other performance issue pops up
• Kevin will start looking into creating the next world object - the actual transformation into a light painting effect
• Replaced ofxFirstPersonCamera with ofxFPSCamera
• Added world gravity
• Added shapes
• Adjusted ofxFPSCamera landscape/cylinder wireframes
• Successfully converted the Processing code onto XCode (both Dat & Kevin worked on this)
• I have created a tree which looks similar to a real tree
......@@ -57,11 +124,13 @@ TO-DO (25.01.16):
• Work on the 3D features of the tree object
• Look into fusing ofMesh with your tree object
• Created new branch: lightPaintingEffects
• Did some research on fractals through the ‘Nature of Code’ online guide
• Pushed the research work - all it is, is just a follow through of the tutorial online on Processing
• Created project on GitLab
• Added README file
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