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## Trajectoires
This is the code for a Web Application running on Desktop + Mobile devices for controlling sound spatialization using trajectories.
The application can send and receive OSC messages to controll external spatialization engine such as the Spat or receives
## Build From Source
If you want to build the server from source, you'll need to download and install node.js.
Node.js will provide most of the functionality we need to serve web pages, but we'll also need to add a few utility libraries to send OSC and MIDI and carry out a few other specialized tasks.
just go to the WOB folder and run the npm install command to get and install the required packages.
The last step is to download node-webkit.
Node-webkit enables desktop applications to be built using web technologies.
Once you have Node-webkit installed, if you are using Sublime text editor, you should use the following instructions
If you have gulp installed (sudo npm install --global gulp) , you can directly release an executable app by running the following command: gulp -traj
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