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minor update to queries.sql

parent 9ae08651
......@@ -70,7 +70,7 @@ DELETE FROM Track WHERE album_upc='726517237627'; /* EXAMPLE */
/* ------------------------------------ */
/* 5. Retrieve details about an order
/* 5a. Retrieve details about an order
Include the customer_id, delivery method
and total order value in the result-set */
......@@ -81,3 +81,20 @@ INNER JOIN LineItem
ON Album.upc=LineItem.album_upc
/* 5b. Retrieve details about an order
Include the transaction id, customer_id
and the number of items ordered in the
result-set */
SELECT, t.customer_id, SUM(li.quantity) AS num_items
FROM Transaction t
INNER JOIN LineItem li
GROUP BY; /* group results by transaction id */
/* 5c. Does the same as the previous query
but using a nested query rather than a JOIN */
SELECT, t.customer_id,
(SELECT SUM(li.quantity) FROM LineItem li
WHERE AS num_items
FROM Transaction t;
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