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# Lab Exercises
Welcome to the lab exercises repo!
Here you'll find all the example code which accompanies weeks 1-10 of **Data, Networks & the Web**. The example code is for a music store app, so you will need to adapt it for whatever app you're developing. Remember to comment the code to show your understanding.
## Topic finder
Here's a reminder of the topics covered each week:
Week 1. *NO LAB*
Week 2. Setting up your development environment (6/7 Oct)
- creating a project repo
- cloning your repo to IGOR and/or locally
- mounting IGOR (if applicable)
Week 3. Introduction to relational databases and SQL (13/14 Oct)
- Designing a schema
- Defining a schema in SQL (TABLE CREATE)
- Inserting data (INSERT INTO)
- Basic querying (SELECT)
Week 4. SQL Sequel! (Advanced querying) (20/21 Oct)
- Sorting
- Table joins
- Aggregate functions
- Equivalent relational expressions
Week 5. Security and integrity! (27/28 Oct)
- Data Normalisation
- Transactions (SQL)
- Backup/restore
Week 6. Using PHP to Interact with a MySQL Database (10/11 Nov)
Week 7. Application Architecture (17/18 Nov)
- Single Point of Entry
- Passing parameters in GET
Week 8. Form handling and data manipulation (24/25 Nov)
Week 9. Implementing transactions in PHP (1/2 Dec)
Week 10. Introduction to MongoDB (non-assessed) (8/9 Dec)
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