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added Makefile, moved source code into src folder, renamed web folder to maxiLib.

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An implementation of maximilian in javascript using emscripten to compile code from C++.
An implementation of maximilian in javascript using emscripten to compile code from C++ to javascript.
File structure:
To use: move the maxiLib.js and files from the web folder to an appropriate location and include using the <script> tag.
Makefile!! - Can now use ‘make’ command to compile. You will probably need to change the location of em++ in the Makefile though.
Maxi_Emscripten: contains the Xcode project. If compiling with emscripten, maxi_emscr.cpp is the file to use. Bindings are contained within maxi_emscr.h .
web: all files for the web/js implementation of maximilian. maxiLib is the compiled maximilian file, maxi_webAudio contains code for interacting with AudioContext and loading files.
File structure:
src: Contains all files (.cpp/.js) for use with emscripten.
- cpp/* : all maximilian files and emscripten bindings
- js/maxi_webAudio.js : some stuff for interacting with AudioContext and loading files (plus some other bits) which is appended to the end of emscripten’s output automatically.
maximilian_examples: all initial maximilian examples
web: files for the js implementation of maximilian. maxiLib.js is the output from emscripten.
old stuff : the initial files from the beginning. Not of much use anymore.
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# emscr compiler frontend:
../../em++ -O2 -s DISABLE_EXCEPTION_CATCHING=0 --memory-init-file 0 --post-js "maxi_webAudio.js" --bind -o web/maxiLib.js Maxi_Emscripten/Maxi_Emscripten/maxi_emscr.cpp
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<script src="../maxiLib.js"></script>
<!-- <script src="../maxi_webAudio.js"></script> -->
<!-- Our javascript code -->
<script type="text/javascript">
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