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# Catflucks Application
Here is a newer version of catflucks with added login feature. It is only partially implemented, but enough to give you the general idea of how to perform password checking on hashed passwords.
+ To login, you need to create an account **from the mongo shell** first, for which you know the unhashed password!
+ For testing purposes, here is an account to insert, which has the password, \`**password'**:
... "joined": new Date(),
... "username":"tester",
... "name":{"last":"Harriet","first":"Sorrel"},
... "password":"$2b$12$DXvBoOurVX7GnCr35P.iZ.DG2cH.qQarJL7m9xhhRvrqkDsE1/aFC",
... "is_admin":1,
... "email":""
... })
+ You can change the name and email etc, but don't change the password!
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