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#+TITLE: Algorithms & Data Structures: Lab 10
#+SUBTITLE: week of 10th December 2018
#+include: ../
* Setup
** Saving your work from last week
By now you should be familiar with the operations needed to save
your work. Make sure you commit your work to version control
often, and always have a backup copy, ideally remotely (for example
in your own account on the department's gitlab installation.)
** No new code this week
As this week's lab is devoted to finishing off all the outstanding
pieces of work, there is no new material (other than this labsheet
itself) to be pulled. If you do nevertheless pull from gitlab,
this labsheet will be in the =10/= directory alongside the existing
* Module evaluation and feedback
At this point in the term, you have the opportunity to leave
feedback on this module through the anonymous module evaluation
process. A link to the survey is available on the main [[][
page for this module]]. The feedback from this process is considered
by Department management and by the Department's Learning & Teaching
Committee, which try to improve our teaching practices across the
board. Please complete your module evaluation surveys for all your
modules, including this one, by the end of this term.
* Assessed submissions
The remaining pieces of work this term all have a deadline of
*16:00* on *Friday 14th December*; no extensions are possible.
A reminder: if you have missed any assessments this term for reasons
which are valid extenuating circumstances (/e.g./ due to
hospitalisation or bereavement), you can be excused from those
assessments on the condition that you have provided adequate
evidence of the circumstances to the Student Office in 25 St James
(or by e-mail to [[][]]). If you believe that you
have extenuation for any of this term's assignments, please would
you let me know by e-mail so that I can check with the Student
Office and adjust my records of your marks?
** Hash tables
The [[][submission area for hash tables]], based on the [[][sheet for lab 08]],
is open. A very good grade is awarded for an implementation of the
required methods ~insert~, ~find~ and ~loadFactor~ with the
specified collision resolution scheme; an outstanding grade
requires in addition a robust implementation of ~delete~ and
handling the situation where the hash table becomes full. The
deadline for submissions is *16:00* on *Friday 14th December*; as
usual, you may submit more than once, and your highest score is
** String matching
The [[][submission area for string matching]], based on the [[][sheet for lab
09]], is open. A very good grade is awarded for a correct
implementation of naïve string matching and correctly counting
character memory accesses in that algorithm; an outstanding grade
requires in addition implementations of Rabin-Karp (with the
specified rolling hash function) and Knuth-Morris-Pratt matching
exactly as specified in lectures, along with correct counting of
memory operations for those algorithms. The deadline for
submissions is *16:00* on *Friday 14th December*; as usual, you may
submit more than once, and your highest score is retained.
** Binary trees quiz
The [[][binary trees quiz]] closes at *16:00* on *Friday 14th December*.
* Vacation
It is important that you get a break over the vacation: please do
rest and enjoy yourselves. A little time spent reading, thinking,
practicing or consolidating this term's work (by finishing or
redoing lab implementations, reading the given sections of the
textbooks and attempting exercises, or reviewing your quiz attempts)
will stand you in good stead. Lectures restart at *10:00* (note
earlier time) on 7th January 2019!
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