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- **This submission has two activities to complete:**
- [Colour Palettes]( (3 palettes, assessed)
- Make a modified version of drawMonochromaticPallette() to that uses brightness AND saturation
- Make another version of drawAnalogousPallette() using different colour intervals.
- Create another pallette function using another system. See class readings and
- [Pattern activity]( (1 & 2) assessed
- Activity 1: apply one of your colour palettes to a pattern — rows, columns, etc. Experiment with gaps between elements and randomness. Save as **pattern1**
- Activity 2: change the pattern shape to something else (rectangles, lines, shapes). Play with scale, rotation, etc. Save as **pattern2**
- **Submitting files**
- Use the two sketches provided in this assignment as starting points. Be sure to read through them!
- At the end, please upload **a single ZIP archive** (not a RAR!) containing:
- **one sketch** for your palette activity named **palettes**
- **two sketches** for your pattern activity named **pattern1, pattern2**
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