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#pragma once
//include <iostream>
#include <vector>
#include "ofMain.h"
class Form
std::vector<string> Occupation; //Need a Vector per field, they'll be strings since we're outputting words
std::vector<string> Hobby;
std::vector<string> Wealth;
std::vector<string> Dislikes;
string RandomOcc; //test variables for randomness to check whether or not the Vectors are functioning as intended
string RandomHob;
string RandomWea;
string RandomDis;
//Mode Designation for the sake of determining what Text files to use.
bool FanMode;
bool SciMode;
//Updating the vectors to include the results with which to be taken
void updateFields();
void updateRandom();
//Test Poster.
void postRandom();
//The ModeChange code that determines what mode the program is in.
void startFanMode();
void startSciMode();
void startRegMode();
ofTrueTypeFont myfont;
//Code to update the Vectors and code to add to the Vectors
std::vector<std::string> scanFiles(std::string filename);
std::vector<std::string> addFiles(std::vector<std::string> results, std::string filename);
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