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2018 show is booked for 2nd-16th September in StJames Hathcham building, aka the Church.
## 2018 Exhibition-specific guidelines:
### due to short pack-down period the following limitations apply:
- no floor painting
- no floor painting
- no building works
- no walls installed / damaged / removed / moved
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- no walls installed / damaged / removed / moved
- no tape usage except for cable tidy
department will provide all the necessary tape. DO NOT BRING YOUR OWN.
* build-up starting Monday 27th August
* exhibition open 6-9 September
* pack-down 10-14 September
Returning of the space into original condition is a prerequisite for obtaining graduation mark.
Changes requiring permission from TechTeam:
- painting walls or floors
- any work that happens 2m above floor level
- suspension of any object heavier than 1kg
- any space alterations (building a wall, removing a wall, cutting or smashing a hole in the wall etc.)
Risk Assessments (including equipment requests) filled in and submitted before Friday the 17th of August
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