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## 2018 Exhibition-specific guidelines:
- no floor painting
- no building works
- no walls installed / damaged / removed / moved
- no tape usage except for cable tidy
department will provide all the necessary tape. DO NOT BRING YOUR OWN.
Exhibtion time line
* build-up starting Monday 27th August
* exhibition open 6-9 September
* pack-down 10-14 September
Returning of the space into original condition is a prerequisite for obtaining graduation mark.
Changes requiring permission from TechTeam:
- painting walls or floors
- any work that happens 2m above floor level
- suspension of any object heavier than 1kg
- any space alterations (building a wall, removing a wall, cutting or smashing a hole in the wall etc.)
* All works complete and ready for examination 10am on Thursday 6th September
* exhibition opening thursday 6th September, 6pm - 9pm.
* pack-down 10-14 September.
Risk Assessments (including equipment requests) filled in and submitted before Friday the 17th of August
- Completion of risk assesment is a legal requirment of public exhibition
- included in the submission is Equipment requests.
- failure to submit form will effect allocation of equipment provided by dept.
- No work or instaltion will be allowed in the show without a completed risk assesment process.
Installtion and setup requiring previous permission from TechTeam
- Painting of walls or floors
- errecting, removing or altering structural elements.
- techincal support is required for any work happening 2m (or greater) above floor level.
- suspension of any object heavier than 1kg.
- No teaching equipment or IT services machinery to be be moved. Techincians will remove on request
- All changes of this nature should be desrcibed in advance in Risk assesement form.
Space Packdown, repairs and restorations.
- All space must be returned to its previous state and condition.
- Walls will be left repaired, holes filled and white.
- floors will be repainted with provded floor paint, allow two days drying time in all cases.
- The Dept will provide a skip, outside SJH/Church , all waste must be removed and thrown out.
- Any works people wish to keep must be taken with them.
- the Dept can not provided any storage of works.
Exhibition Equipment & invidulation
- Each participant is respnsible for their own equipment
- No equipment is to be swapped or exchange without techTeam confirmation
- No equipment, unless secured suitably or invidulated, is to be left over night in the space
- If equipment has to be left in spaces a designated invidulator must remain in the space until 10pm
- Once Security lock up, equipment is considered safe to leave out over night in all cases.
- The Dept is not responsible for any personal belongings left in public exhbition spaces.
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